Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Behind the Scenes: Animal Mask Photoshoot

Above and Left:
Me being photographed 
wearing the White 
Rabbit mask created 
Coat is vintage, bought 
from The Great Mistake, 
tights from Cotton On.

Kasolite being photographed 
wearing Unicorn mask created
She's wearing a petticoat that 
I made, my white corset, 
jelly heels and checkered 

Kas, Isabella and I being 
photographed wearing
Rabbit and Hare masks,
Works. Fur coat on the left 
is Summah's, the other two 
are mine, both vintage rabbit.
All of the skirts I've picked
up at various second-hand

Me dressing people.

Kas and I just chilling. She's
wearing my mum's vintage

Josh, Daniel and Summah
just casually floating.

I had such a wonderful day today shooting for Summah's animal mask project! These are just some behind the scenes shots, Summah's photos should be up on her photography page very soon. Check it out at Summah Wednesday Photography. These absolutely amazing masks were made at Community Art Works in Nelson. I'm hoping to do more crazy projects like this in the future and collaborate with more awesome talented people.


Monday, 27 January 2014

My Year Began with Twisted Frequency New Years Festival

I spent the last days of 2013 and the first days 2014 surrounded by beautiful New Zealand nature and wonderful people. Twisted Frequency festival was a brilliant start to my year. I enjoyed the music and the dancing, watching my boyfriend and friends playing with fire, and chilling out during the day.
To see more photo's go to manianaraunigg.weebly.com/photography