Monday, 30 June 2014

Photoshoot with Morgan

I had such a great time this afternoon meeting Morgan and photographing her in Takaka. I messaged her about a week ago because I noticed her unique and stunning features and immediately and wanted to work with her. I was pleasantly surprised at her natural skill when I found out this was her first experience modeling. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better model and I look forward to working with her again in the near future! 

More photos will be up soon on my facebook page Maniana's Creations


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Photoshoot with Kasolite

Here are some images from my photoshoot with the lovely Kas, on Friday afternoon in Nelson. She was great to work with and I'm really pleased with the results. The evening light was perfect and she brought some gorgeous dresses with her. She's looking to get more into modeling so if there's any photographers out there, get in contact with this chick. To see more from this shoot click here.


Photoshoot with Isaac

I had a great time photographing this young man last thursday. He was really keen to get some nice shots and was fun and easy to work with. To see more from this shoot click here.


Monday, 16 June 2014

My Spontaneous Misty Morning Photoshoot

What a magical morning I had! I woke up earlier than usual for no particular reason other than to use the bathroom and go back to bed, but as I got up I saw the most beautiful mist creeping through the fields. It inspired me. As an artist I find it difficult to get in the right headspace sometimes so when I do catch myself in that moment I know I have to go for it. 

I almost didn't though. I was extremely exhausted because I hadn't slept very well and I thought "there's no way I'm going out there right now, it's freezing and I feel awful and the magical mist and lighting will be gone by the time I'm ready anyway..." I was that close to talking myself out of it, but instead I just told myself "shut up, you're going out there. If you don't you won't forgive yourself later." So I grabbed the first clothes I saw and threw them on, mum noticed and gave me my Austrian winter coat so I didn't get too cold, and off I went.

If I hadn't made that spontaneous decision, if I had just let that moment of inspiration go by, you wouldn't be here right now reading this, I wouldn't have spent most of my day editing these photos to show you, and I wouldn't be writing this right now.

Even though it would have been much more comfortable to stay inside and hop back into my warm bed, I am so grateful that I didn't. 

My advice for today is to seize the moment. Don't talk yourself down. Be spontaneous, and if you try out idea and it doesn't work out then at least you did something! 

If you would like to see the rest of these photos please click here.


Friday, 13 June 2014

My National Youth Drama School Experience

NYDS 2012, my first year. Performing with the Acting Technique class at the Hawkes Bay Opera House.

NYDS 2013, my second year. Our epic Screen Acting class photo.

NYDS 2014, this year's Advanced Acting class photo.

For the past three years, I have travelled to Havelock North to attend National Youth Drama School. I don't even know where to start because it is such an amazing place that it's indescribable with words. You have to go there and experience it to understand. Basically it's where all of the performing arts students from around New Zealand gather in one place for 8 days and share all of their wonderful talents and personalities. 

There is a huge range of class options, with so many brilliant tutors, including Directing, Circus, Cutting Edge Theatre, Screen Acting, Shakespeare, Song-writing,  Dance, Musical Theatre and so many more.

We are taught by industry professionals. Nobody is going to tell you that "acting isn't a suitable career choice, you should think realistically!" You will be encouraged to follow your dreams and not be looked down upon for wanting to do what you love.

As well as the high quality learning experience you get, you will also make some life long connections and friendships. It is such a unique environment where individuality is accepted and creative expression thrives. Although it's still a school-like situation it feels far from it because everyone actually wants to be there and is passionate about their subjects.

I would highly recommend NYDS to anyone wishing to pursue a career in performing arts whether you prefer to work in the spotlight or behind the scenes. If still you don't believe me just check out all these reviews.

Next year will be my final year as a student, who wants to join me?

WARNING: a high percentage of students suffer serious PND after attending NYDS, but they all report that it's completely worth it. PND is the technical term for post-NYDS-depression. Symptoms include not wanting to relate to normal people, binging on junk food, crying in public every time you hear the school song on the radio, and just generally not coping with reality. Symptoms can last anywhere from a few weeks to an entire year (until the next NYDS.) #onlynydskidswillunderstand.