Monday, 27 October 2014

Kasolite Vomiting Flowers

I had the idea for this photoshoot a while ago but had no idea who to ask to model for me. Then Kas came and stayed at my house in Takaka and she was keen to collab. I was expecting her to be weirded out when I said "ok so first you're going to be vomiting up flower petals" but she went along with it enthusiastically, and patiently did it over and over agin so I could get the perfect shot. And she didn't even get annoyed at me giving directions like "ok good, but look even sicker, like you just ate the most foul thing you've ever tasted" and "hey just come and lie down in the wet grass for 10 mins while I rearrange every little piece of your hair and throw flowers around you." Yea... we had fun though!

I decided to do something super colourful for a change. Isn't her hair amazing! And that dress is perfect, I'm actually so jealous. We had a lovely time catching up and I expect you'll be seeing more of our work together in the future.


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