Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Modeling for Gabrielle Wee

So the other day I was just chilling at home in Takaka and Gabrielle messages me asking if I want to come out to hers to do a photoshoot. I almost didn't even make it because I couldn't get a ride there but mum suddenly realized she'd forgotten something in town so she said we could have one hour max!

First we jumped over some fences onto the neighbor's farmland and did a few levitation shots which were soo much fun! Then I climbed up on a massive tree that had fallen over in a recent storm, but was somehow still growing fresh leaves, I think half of it's roots were still in the ground. That was pretty amazing, I was at least three meters up in the air balancing on the tree trunk. I told Gabrielle that in any normal situation I'd say "hell no I'm not going up there!" but for the sake of art I'd do it without question! Then we went back to her house where she'd prepared a little studio backdrop where we played around with bubbles and mirrors.

Check out her page Gabrielle Wee Art Clique for more of her amazing photography and artwork. This girl is seriously talented!


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