Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Storm and Freya

I spent last Saturday afternoon with these two beautiful creatures whom I had the pleasure of photographing. I'd had the idea for the last image when I was at Freya's house a few weeks before. I was sitting in the lounge waiting for her to get ready and staring into the corner where the empty armchair was. I thought that it would make a wonderful background, and I'd been meaning to photograph her for ages anyway, so when I got home I drew a stick figure version of the composition so I wouldn't forget. 

Then when the photoshoot day came I happened to be chilling out with Storm and a few of our other friends after a crazy night on the town and he said he was keen to come and help. So we all turned up at Freya's house in the afternoon, after going on a mission to find our cars and get some food, and lay down in the sun. You can see the behind the scenes photos here if you want.

Our friend Renee had her little suitcase full of all her gorgeous handmade jewelry and Storm bought this awesome necklace. You can check out her facebook page Renegade Strange or see her around selling her things and doing hair wraps on the streets of Nelson and Takaka or wherever she happens to be. 

I'd bought the red oriental jacket at Lady Bug Boutique a few days earlier, even though it didn't fit me and the colour wasn't quite right, I'd just had a feeling that it would find it's place somewhere in my life. Sure enough I got Storm to try it on for the photoshoot and immediately I knew it belonged to him. Since him modeling had been a spontaneous decision I didn't bring any appropriate male clothes. But it worked out fine because I had been wearing some gold flared pants the night before which happened to fit him perfectly and worked with the outfit I had for Freya. I love it when everything just flows together like that.

I had such an awesome day, thank you to everyone involved. I got the exact picture I'd imagined and so much more!


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