Thursday, 25 December 2014

Abandoned House in Christchurch [Trigger Warning for Earthquake Survivors]

After an amazing week in the Coromandel we flew down to Christchurch to pick up Isaac's new van. Our flight was delayed so we didn't get in until 10pm. His dad picked us up and drove us to where he had his housetruck parked up in a red zone. After the 2011 earthquakes alot of buildings in Christchurch were damaged beyond repair and left abandoned. We were exhausted after our long trip so we went straight to sleep in the new van. When I woke up I realized where we were and couldn't help but feel curious... so I went exploring this nearby house and took my camera with me.

This was actually the first time I'd photographed something other than people. It was an interesting experience for me which I really enjoyed. I made a point not to move or touch anything, every object was found exactly where it had been left. Each image has a bit of a story to it, and they all tie together with a common theme.

1. the dandelion was the first thing I saw, growing right in the middle of the driveway, which tempted me to go and explore the rest of the place. It had emerged from a crack in the brick and has become this magnificently beautiful plant. I love the natural symmetry and the intense colours in this image.

2. the dried up pool and the estuary at low tide looked so surreal right next to eachother. I put these two images together because I feel there's a significance, in that the feather represents freedom but it is stuck under the brick, and the boat is a potential way to escape but there is no water around it. Deep I know haha... I thought they tied together nicely anyway.

3. this traffic cone looked so out of place that I had to make it stand out even more by partially desaturating the rest of the image. These bits of the old fence had been piled up in the back yard so I made use of them aswell. I love the depth of field in this one, I counted nine different points of focus. See if you can spot them all...

4. I like this image for alot of reasons. I like that although the original plant is dead, the fresh new plant has grown out of the area of the pot which has broken away. And I like all the details like the crack in the wall on the left side and the little seashell carved on the broken off piece of pot. This has alot of meaning that I can't explain in words right now, but it's all open to personal interpretation anyway. It's art after all.

5. this one is a little bit strange. It's not very pleasing to the eye, but then again, it's not supposed to be. I love seeing things that just look totally out of context. Like I said before, I made a point not to move anything around. This missing piece of a children's toy happened to be lying in the overgrown garden. And it also happened to be my favourite number, three.



  1. Good work Maniana, I especially like the first photo of the dandelion plant. The colours and composition are excellent.

  2. Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it :)