Saturday, 25 April 2015

Stall at the Aro Valley Fair

On the 21st of March two friends and I set up a stall at the Aro Valley Fair, selling prints of our paintings along with a few of Tom's creations and some of Gemma's second-hand clothing. It was such a fun experience and we got lots of positive feedback from people during the day.

Gemma had the idea originally - after our successful stall (joining onto another friend's) at Luminate Festival - and offered that I joined them at the Aro Fair, since I would be staying with them in Wellington at the time anyway.

It was also really great to reconnect with my old artwork. It's just been sitting around my room gathering dust for a few years. I haven't completed any new paintings since I left school in 2013, so this definitely helped motivate me to do more.

If anyone wants to buy some of my postcard sized prints let me know. I'll do a good deal if you want more than one, or if you're a good friend obviously. Unfortunately I don't have every single one of my paintings as a print because I sold a few so there's only what I have left. Check out my website under the 'Artwork' page and get in touch to find out if I still have the one's you want. Note: I only have a selection from my two most recent art boards.

And if you're really keen I will also consider selling the originals or getting larger high quality prints made especially.


BTS: Lisa for Inspirall Magazine

Photos taken by Isaac Henry on my phone. I'm photographing belly-dancer Lisa Maia Ambrose for Inspirall Magazine. Check out the full article along with all of my original images here:

This was a little while ago now but I'm currently in the process of updating my blog since I've been so busy with life and other projects that I haven't had the time to post much on here.

It was such a wonderful day, I'm glad that we made the time to meet up and collaborate. Definitely take a moment to have a read of her article, she had some wise words to say and shared such beautiful, inspiring advice with us. 


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Launching Inspirall Magazine

The reason I haven't posted on here much at all is because I've been super busy creating a new website with my partner, called, where we interview inspiring people who are doing things that they are truly passionate about. Our aim is to share the stories of these individuals and inspire our readers to go out and follow their dreams.

The idea began in December last year when I was reading an artsy magazine and talking to Isaac about how many amazing talented people we know who simply aren't getting any recognition for what they do, and he suggested "why don't we start our own magazine?"

Instead of just leaving it to be another good idea floating around as a 'maybe-one-day' we decided to be those people who actually do what we say we're going to do. We started by telling everyone who was around, our family and close friends, and received plenty of encouragement. That was the first step of making it feel like a real thing. We did alot of serious planning and decided the best way to do this was to start it out as a blog and build up an online following before we even consider getting it printed.

We started by playing around with layouts and categories for the website and coming up with questions for the interviews. We wrote out pages and pages of names of people who we want to write articles about. All of this with no experience at all in journalism, we just had a rough idea of what we wanted to produce and went with what flowed from there.

The next step was the scary part, actually doing the first interviews. We were at a festival in late January and there were so many interesting people everywhere, but it took us a few days to work up the courage to ask someone. In the last few days we made tons of new contacts including Simone Al Ani, an incredible Italian street performer, who's story became our very first featured article and who is now a dear friend. We also interviewed my best mate Gemma about her artwork and Levi about his experience at the festival.

After the first few interviews I realized how much I love hearing what people have to say about themselves. All of the passion and wisdom that poured out of them was truly awesome to behold. Seeing their eyes light up, when they talked about doing what they love, made me personally feel inspired. That's when I knew this was the right thing for us to be doing.

By mid February we had everything ready to launch but didn't have a name. We did a brainstorm, as you do, and found that the word 'inspired' kept coming up. We wanted our viewers to read the stories of inspiring individuals and therefor feel inspired to do what they really want to do. We came up with some different options and sent out a group message to our close friends, asking them to vote on which one they thought was best. About ninety-five percent chose Inspiral. We then added the extra 'L' because it flows better, is more unique and shows that our mission is to 'inspire - all.'

On the twenty-second of February we launched the website. Along with four articles, one for each category - featured, artists, fashion and lifestyle. We received so much positive feedback it was overwhelming! Since then we've published a couple more articles and have got some new one's in progress.

We recently returned from a trip up to Wellington for a month and a half. It may look like we did nothing towards Inspirall, because we didn't post any new content, but that's because our main focus was on networking. We met a whole bunch of people and reconnected with friends who we've made plans to collaborate with in the near future. We did do a number of interviews aswell, which we'll be releasing very soon. We've also realized that we can get much more done if we do the interviews in writing. That way we just send out the questions and people can answer them in their own time.

At the moment it's just the two of us doing all the work, and just to clarify - we don't make any profit from this project. That's not the point for us at the moment, it's about spreading the message. Which is where you come in. If there is any way at all that you think you can help us out please get in touch. We need volunteers! Writers, editors, interviewers, photographers, videographers, marketers, anyone who want's to give us advice or even if you could simply like and share our page and invite your friends! That will make all the difference. 

We want to be posting more regularly and having a wider range of topics. With multiple people writing the articles it'll give a whole other element that we can't do on our own. We want Inspirall to be an online community, a place where people go daily - to be inspired, motivated and entertained.

You can follow Inspirall Magazine on Facebook and Instagram.