Saturday, 25 April 2015

Stall at the Aro Valley Fair

On the 21st of March two friends and I set up a stall at the Aro Valley Fair, selling prints of our paintings along with a few of Tom's creations and some of Gemma's second-hand clothing. It was such a fun experience and we got lots of positive feedback from people during the day.

Gemma had the idea originally - after our successful stall (joining onto another friend's) at Luminate Festival - and offered that I joined them at the Aro Fair, since I would be staying with them in Wellington at the time anyway.

It was also really great to reconnect with my old artwork. It's just been sitting around my room gathering dust for a few years. I haven't completed any new paintings since I left school in 2013, so this definitely helped motivate me to do more.

If anyone wants to buy some of my postcard sized prints let me know. I'll do a good deal if you want more than one, or if you're a good friend obviously. Unfortunately I don't have every single one of my paintings as a print because I sold a few so there's only what I have left. Check out my website under the 'Artwork' page and get in touch to find out if I still have the one's you want. Note: I only have a selection from my two most recent art boards.

And if you're really keen I will also consider selling the originals or getting larger high quality prints made especially.


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