Monday, 4 May 2015

'Sun and Moon' Modeling for Gabrielle Wee

What can I say? Collaborating with these two lovely ladies was amazing, yet again! It was totally spontaneous aswell because Gabrielle had asked if she could join me photographing Sundari, who was leaving in a few days. And then I also ended up modeling - aswell as being behind the camera - that day.

I really liked it when Gabrielle posted one of these shots and called it 'Sun and Moon.' I feel like that fits us perfectly. We compliment eachother - she has glowing tanned skin and beachy blond hair (also her name is literally Sunnie) and I'm sort-of pale, luminescent, and curvy.

We only had two hours to do both photoshoots and the light was disappearing fast. I think sometimes the best things happen when you have limitations like that. Cheers Isaac for assisting and doing some behind the scenes photography, which I shall post soon aswell...

Don't forget to check out Gabrielle Wee Art Clique on facebook and Instagram for more photos from this series.


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