Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Behind the Scenes: Alex Searle by Summah Noakes

A few weeks ago I collaborated with my good friend and photographer, Summah Noakes. She was photographing Alex Searle in clothing from Trouble and Fox. I did the makeup and behind the scenes photography while Lili and Isaac assisted. They were an awesome group to work with. Everyone was very enthusiastic and we had fun scouting out locations around Nelson city.

I'm pretty proud of my makeup skills as it's not something I was trained in, although I do most of the makeup for my own projects, I really just make it up as I go along. I also discovered how much I love doing behind the scenes photography, there's no pressure and I just get to chill out and watch everything while capturing moments that would otherwise go unseen.

Be sure to check out Summah Noakes Photography page to see the final images and I'll be posting the rest of the behind the scenes shots soon on my personal facebook page (there's so many! I got a bit carried away).


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