Sunday, 19 July 2015


Last week I photographed my lovely friend Tia. We stopped at her place on our way to Nelson and spent the afternoon catching up, adventuring and being creative. When we arrived it was already quite late so by the time we decided to dress up and take photos we knew we'd only have another hour (if we were lucky) of light. So it ended up turning into a night shoot and we had to use a cellphone light in the last picture, which actually created a really cool effect! Everything works out even when it doesn't go as you thought. 

The outfit is a skirt and a dress of mine which I've been wanting to use for a project for a really long time. I found them both separately at opshops. I love the scales and especially how they shine in the light.

I did her hair and makeup and Isaac added more to it half way through the shoot. He also had a turn behind the camera and took a few shots including the last photo and helped out with direction. The crown on her ankle was his idea and it added so much to the image. We make a pretty great team. 

Tia was an amazing model, really enthusiastic and heaps of fun to work with! Using tin foil was her idea and then I made it into a choker.

We will definitely collaborate again soon, but for now I hope you enjoy these images. More will be up soon on my website and facebook page.


Saturday, 11 July 2015

'Bohemian' Modeling for Summah Noakes

Wow, what can I say? It's always fun collaborating with my good friend Summah. Even when she's very ill, it's the middle of winter and she wants me to wear a dress three sizes too small (in the chest area! Seriously though... I think we did such a good job of hiding that!) The dress is from Free People and I was styled by Summah in her own fabulous bohemian clothes.

I love how those first two look like they're in the desert or some rugged hot landscape but we were actually right beside the road up the Maitai Valley! Sorry to spoil that for you... 

Photography is so magical! I think we did a pretty good job overall and we had a great time, so I hope you enjoy the results of our little adventure.

To see the full series go to and be sure to check out Summah on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr!


Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot with Dove

Here's some behind the scenes shots I just rediscovered from my photoshoot with Dove a few months ago that Isaac took on my phone. The location was the beautiful Milnethorpe Park in Golden Bay, New Zealand. I absolutely love it there and I definitely plan to work there again.

It also happened to be pouring with rain that day (luckily we were sheltered from the worst of it by the trees) but we braved it anyway. That's why in the second photo I'm making desperate attempts not to get my camera wet and looking very silly in the process!

To find out more about this adventure and see the final images you can read my earlier blog post here.