Saturday, 11 July 2015

'Bohemian' Modeling for Summah Noakes

Wow, what can I say? It's always fun collaborating with my good friend Summah. Even when she's very ill, it's the middle of winter and she wants me to wear a dress three sizes too small (in the chest area! Seriously though... I think we did such a good job of hiding that!) The dress is from Free People and I was styled by Summah in her own fabulous bohemian clothes.

I love how those first two look like they're in the desert or some rugged hot landscape but we were actually right beside the road up the Maitai Valley! Sorry to spoil that for you... 

Photography is so magical! I think we did a pretty good job overall and we had a great time, so I hope you enjoy the results of our little adventure.

To see the full series go to and be sure to check out Summah on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr!


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